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Former UFC champion, Conor McGregor, has reacted to Deontay Wilder’s trilogy fight defeat against Tyson Fury.

Wilder was knocked down in the third, 10th and 11th rounds as he failed to avenge his 2020 defeat to Fury over the weekend at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

Reacting, McGregor praised both Wilder and Fury, adding that it was hard to not be impressed with the American boxer.

“Great fight that. Both warriors, both winners,”

McGregor wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

“Hard to not be impressed with Deontay there. Against the much larger man and almost got it done. Great fight. 40lbs in weight difference is A LOT.

“Fair play both men there, very enjoyable fights they have had together. Respect.

“Their skill levels are unique but very close. A great heavyweight trilogy that was.”