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Kobowise was established on 1st of August, 2021 by a team of experienced and brilliant minds who see the need for people to be able to raise capital and do any business of their choice. The motive for the creation is not to serve as a full time source of income, however it can serve as a full time source of income if an individual desires to focus on it.

Kobowise is the first of its kind in that it merges the rewards process of Affiliate Marketing with Multi Level Marketing System to create a brilliant mutant self-substantial matrix system which can never collapse as a result of its limited levels of progress.

 Kobowise is orchestrated in a way an average user could make up to N10,000 - N100,000 or more in 30 days . The system is strictly for serious minded people that are passionate about changing their financial status and are ready to tap into a self sustainable system of network marketing. An individual could have multiple accounts as this connotes mutiple streams of income.
This is not a Ponzi scheme, users are advised to understand the system totally as the management will not be liable for any loss or misunderstanding. Best regards